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Estate Planning

An estate plan is essential to ensure that your estate is properly distributed according to your wishes after your passing. A well-rounded plan will help you and your family avoid probate. The documents that consist of a thorough estate plan protect your estate from excessive taxation and give you peace of mind only found with a quality plan that anticipates and smooths any bumps along the way. 

In Colorado, proceedings last anywhere from 9-24 months, with typical processes lasting about 6. Executor fees are drawn from the estate according to state laws, and estates are divided into 3 categories based on size. Probate courts distribute property that is not already accounted for, so it is best to create a comprehensive estate plan for you and your family that will maintain your wishes and promote a smooth and effective estate execution. 

A will takes effect after your passing and is subject to the proceedings of probate courts. Trusts offer greater privacy and flexibility, being manageable and modifiable through the end of your life. A trust can be used to avoid probate and grants you greater control over your assets. 

Yes, estate plans can be modified. Major life events may necessitate editing your estate plan, including divorce, marriage, or the birth of a child. Any changes to your estate and your financial situation may mean reconsidering your current plan. 

Business Counsel

The ideal legal structure for your new business depends on a range of factors including taxation, liability, and ownership. Common and effective types of businesses include partnerships, LLCs, and several corporation styles. Consulting with business-minded legal expertise is the best way to confidently make the right decision to make your business vision a reality.  

Buying or selling a business is a complicated task. This type of transaction demands attentive care in drafting contracts, reviewing license and permit requirements, and negotiating terms. Due diligence and the right advice will ensure a smooth transfer of assets and liabilities. 

An attorney with firsthand business experience and an intuitive understanding of corporate law is the most unfair advantage you can have over big brands competing in any market. This unique scope of knowledge grants you a perfectly crafted business plan that guarantees the protection of your intellectual, personal, and business property, and propels your business into the industry with the same safeguards. 

Real Estate

Some of the first things to consider when buying/selling real estate are title searches, property inspections, zoning/land-use limitations, and environmental concerns. Financial and legal concerns also persist. The effects of these considerations differ from each transaction to the next, making real estate transactions complex to navigate. 

While not required, legal counsel can offer you predictability and confidence throughout the transactional process. Expert advice in negotiating terms, verifying title searches, and anticipating zoning issues will ensure that your interests are represented and manifested every step of the way. 

Legal counsel can assist in every phase of the real estate turnover cycle. In property development projects, attorneys assist clients with land use and zoning permits, review and negotiate contracts with project managers and suppliers, and manage any legal concerns that may arise throughout the project’s duration. Experienced attorneys will develop your business visions through each step to fruition, allowing you to enjoy smooth operation and litigation-free management.