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Attorneys and Staff

Executives and Attorneys

At Keele & Parke, we transcend the expected functions of a law firm. Our attorneys have not only practiced law; we are seasoned businesspersons who have walked the roads of entrepreneurship, met and navigated industry challenges, and shown confidence in decisions that define fruitful ventures.

Extensive business backgrounds give our attorneys a firm grasp of the skills needed to establish and manage successful businesses. We view legal matters through a unique lens; one marked by practicality and catalyzed by our profound appreciation for creative strategy. This invaluable perspective benefits every client and ensures that our legal solutions align seamlessly with their individual aims.

Real-World Expertise

Unlike large firms that rely primarily on a theoretical understanding of the law and legal research, Keele & Parke offers counsel informed by firsthand encounters with our clients' challenges. We’ve spent the time in boardrooms to keep our clients out of courtrooms. Our attorneys have resolved professional disputes and navigated the jungle of business law for decades. We have seen, and understand the inner functionalities of business, enabling us to anticipate and address concerns from a place of confidence unmatched even by an innate understanding of the law.

Whether drafting initial operative agreements or navigating a potentially tortuous merger, Keele & Parke guides clients through each step, to prepare them for the realities of operating a business. We anticipate potential pitfalls before they appear and devise practical solutions to sustain our clients’ interests. Our counsel provides clients with a sure footing to kickstart operations and transforms visions into living and breathing realities.

Protecting Legacies

Our clients benefit from a proactive approach to estate planning. As businesspeople and attorneys, Keele & Parke guarantees counsel that is informed by decades of firsthand experience with the questions and concerns brought forth by clients. Our attorneys have witnessed and overcome the challenges that accompany estate plans and are here to provide our clients with solutions and enterprising prevention strategies.

Navigating this process is complex, and at the intersection of law and legacy, nothing is more important than personalized cognizance. Our approach is our clients', led by a mutual understanding of their priorities and grounded in decades of executive legal and financial experience.